A new way to control your documents

In your company you have to manage many different PDF files everyday. Forms with the same structure and the same fields to fill in, invoices with different patterns, complex energetic bills to be understood. ReCheck takes these PDF files, focuses on the interesting data, exports and controls them. Furthermore, it transforms them into useful files ready to be inserted in your Enterprise Resource Planning, the ERP.
No need for spot checks anymore, now you can use something more efficient.

An easy-to-use system

The application aim is very essential: processing the PDF files an paper sheets in a very easy and fast way. You select folders of documents you want to check, you choose the right Template and you press “start processing”. ReCheck inspects the text, selects the data you need and exports them, ready to be analyzed and imported in your ERP. You reduce to minimum your manual task, your company improves the quality of obtained data and processing at the same time.

ReCheck suits any kind of PDF file. In case of structured documents (in vector format), it recognizes and exports the administrative data – dates, amounts, protocol procedures and sums. In case of scanned documents, the integrated OCR/ICR technology converts the scanned images into text and makes them available for consultation. The software does everything automatically and you can populate your ERP faster than before.

It exports only data you really need

Using ReCheck you can process invoices, bills, payslips, orders, bank statements, projects, technical sheets and charts. The software recognizes texts and numbers and can compare them automatically with those saved in your company’s ERP, thanks to Web Services. No need for manual checks on different applications or phone calls to your colleagues anymore. ReCheck can also extract data from the invoices of your suppliers, such as their specific product codes, and put them in relation to those used in your company: no manual activity, just configure a specific transcoding feature of the software named relational tables.

The software exports only data of your interest: dates, due dates, taxable incomes, amounts and protocol procedures. It controls the kind of data (Date/Number/Text) and also processes the supplementary information, as sums and multiplications. You can also decide to use more complex rules to recognize items located in different parts on the PDF file. If you want to verify that the prices of the invoices you received are correct, ReCheck can compare them with the pricing lists you already have, using the transcoding feature (relational tables) of the software. Moreover, ReCheck makes the petty cash management faster: the fields of your ERP’s form are automatically filled with the data of the invoices, the administration user needs only to verify and validate them. ReCheck does its work faster than any human check can do.


It checks thousands of PDF files in few minutes

ReCheck indicates if the item is in the right place and if it is in the right format. It compares it with the same item saved before in the ERP. It controls if the sums and the multiplications are right, you can set also a margin of error according to your needs. It informs you about disparity of totals, missing items and eventually inconsistent amounts. More complex the PDF files, more performing the use of ReCheck.

If you used Excel until now, you would know that you have to use complex rules to do these verifications. Furthermore, you need to be an experienced user to master cells and formulas. With ReCheck it is sufficient to select the check criteria of your interest and start processing. The software recapitulates the results in just one window and split them like “error”, “attention” and “correct”. You can sort results just to display the detected errors, including their graphic locations on the analyzed PDF file. If you want, you can export everything in Excel to verify whatever you need.

It imports all data in your ERP

Data on the PDF files go directly into your ERP. You have not to enter them manually anymore and risk to make mistakes in good faith. The software takes directly the information from the PDF documents and exports them in files – CSV and XML – ready for your ERP. If you need to upload an order to the ERP system or to know how much you spent on bills, you can create custom tables: you choose the items you need and decide how to order them, ReCheck extracts all data and prepare the Excel tables.

You can also take into consideration the reports of all data processing you did to proceed with further analyses. In few hours, you do the work you usually did in a week time.

Thanks to ReCheck you can create a blueprint for the custom exportation into your ERP, choosing the necessary items and check criteria. If you prefer the XML format, you can organize the items and checks by groups to coordinate all the information and make the data organization uniform.

ReCheck and its Pros

It automates the data exportation from all PDF files, included the scanned documents;
It populates your ERP or other company systems with checked information automatically;
It improves the control, the quality and the company information assignment;
It optimizes your time and the one of your colleagues by erasing the need to entry and check data manually;
It reduces the company costs to check documents and the data entry activity;
It minimizes the mistakes related to data entry and spot checks;
It automates many procedures like accounting, substitutive storage and internal audit;
It costs less than what you can imagine.


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