If you want to describe the software quality, you can rely on the Learning Curve. It shows how long it takes you to learn the precious skills to master the Application. Higher the curve, higher the architectural perfection reached.

It is not an objective value, some subjective features indeed intervenes to determine this condition, but in any case, it can represent effectively the quality of the software.

According to our and our customers’ experience you can learn to master ReCheck in 6 hours.

Once you have configured it according to your specific needs, we forecast 2 training hours to present the main topics, the most popular functions and the interface usage. The document Templates and the processing Settings are ready-to-use, created according to your company managers’ needs.

Then in the remaining 4 hours you learn how to analyze results, verify statistics and export files and reports. The operators then are able to use ReCheck directly on their PC, on one’s own.


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