ReCheck is a software that extracts and controls data coming from PDF files.
A very simple and fast way to reduce errors, working times and costs in your company.

ReCheck automates the process of the items extrapolation and the check on data for each PDF file, a very expensive task in terms of working times and resources.



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A ready-to-use solution for processing and checking

your business documents easily and faster than before.

  • Detect errors
    Are you a company manager? You have all data coming from the processing tasks immediately at your disposal, you can notice where the mistakes are and understand how the company System produced them.
  • Automate the extrapolation
    Configure ReCheck according to your needs if you want to extract and check data in PDF documents with fixed or variable structure.
  • Easy to install and to customize
    It is very simple to install and configure ReCheck on your Operators’ PCs. Ready to extract information and to verify documents.

  • Improve your procedures
    Avoid being unprecise while managing your information. You can now compare the processed data with those contained in other company procedures, as in your ERP.
  • Custom check criteria
    Both for structured and non-structured documents, you can extract items and perform your preset checks.
  • More quality for your information
    ReCheck does everything for you. Think about the invoices coming from your suppliers: ReCheck extracts data and can send them through Web Service to your ERP, in CSV format too, with no mistakes or misprints.

A software conceived to answer your real needs

A software conceived to answer your real needs

A new way to process your documents

  • Easy to install and to customize
  • Custom on different documents Templates

  • Fast processing task on hundreds of files
  • Precise while analyzing your data and preparing your reports



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